Bourgeois ideology is an ideology which refuses to allow itself to be identified as an ideology by presenting itself as neutral, impartial, universal, objective and value-free.
— Roland Barthes, Criticism and Truth  (via some-velvet-morning)

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New photo from Gaza today looks like actual hell on earth

What is going on in Gaza at the moment is the most disgusting thing i have ever heard. When I hear people actually justifying what is going on by saying things such as “they are all terrorists anyway”, it honestly makes me shudder that people are so blind to ACTUALLY BELIEVE that babies, families, innocent and ordinary people are “getting what they deserve. These people are trapped inside a small area, no way of escape or safety, being horrifically massacred. People say “it’d be different if it was here”, if it was happening here (which it eventually will be the way shit is going) then YOU would be praying for help from ANYONE who actually gave a shit.Fucking open your eyes to what is going on you racist, ignorant fucks.
sorry for ranting, it’s important.

yes !!!

Original photograph by John K. from the gallery collection.

Thomas Struth - Galleria dell’Accademia I, Venice 1992 (1992)

ROY LICHTENSTEIN Seascape (I), from New York Ten, 1964